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Incident Xpress is the totally transparent incident reporting company.

What you see is what you get. Our website is our salesperson. Here you can read about the functionality and benefits of the product; view videos showing the product; see pricing and subscription plans; and, sign up for a 30-day free trial. We will not even ask for your credit card.

You can get access to the product without ever having to talk to anyone at Incident Xpress Inc. When you decide to subscribe, you can do that too without ever talking to anyone. Simply subscribe in the application and start configuring your system.


Incident Xpress Inc. was founded in March 2019 by Denis O’Sullivan, Cora Bolianatz, Danny Oh and Gerry McCracken, all formerly associated with PPM 2000 Inc. Collectively we have more than 100 years’ experience in the development and deployment of incident reporting software geared towards the physical security industry.

Denis O’Sullivan, the inspiration behind Incident Xpress (iX), was the founder of PPM 2000 Inc. in 1988. Twenty-six years later after surviving a couple of depressions, the dot com bubble and 9-11 in 2001, PPM 2000 Inc. was sold to a Toronto private equity group. The employees of PPM, including Cora Bolianatz and Danny Oh, were proud of where they had taken the company over those years. At the time of the sale PPM counted Microsoft, Amazon, Citigroup and many other household name companies as customers. 

After enjoying retirement for a few years, Denis started talking to the other iX founders about the need for an affordable, quality, easy to use incident reporting solution. The idea was to create a virtual, low touch company to keep operating costs to a minimum and pass those savings on to the customers. This led us to investing our time and resources to establish Incident Xpress as a full-fledged Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for the physical security sector.

Our vision for Incident Xpress was to create a comprehensive incident reporting software solution that is very easy to use and affordable to a broad cross section of corporations, institutions and organizations with emphasis on low overhead costs that in turn translate into low cost to customers. We believe we have done this and here’s how!

Our low overhead is achieved by:


Founder Funding & Sweat Equity

Our start-up funding has been completely provided by the founders who also contributed their subject matter expertise in incident reporting, cloud web services application development, marketing/sales and financial planning to develop Incident Xpress, the company, as well as the application. 

Simplifying the Sales Process

By providing our full software pricing details and the ability to subscribe on our website, we have removed the need for a dedicated sales team. We have put the sale process back in your hands. Have questions – check out our FAQs and tutorial videos in our Resources section or reach out via info@incidentxpress.com.

Client Controlled Sign Up & Cancellation

Sign up and cancellation for Incident Xpress is very easy. Sign up for one of our two subscriptions plans – monthly or yearly – all within your free trial. Cancel at any time. Your subscription will terminate on the anniversary date of the plan you’ve selected.

Removing the Need for Consultants & Trainers

Our vision for iX was to have a simple product that you can setup and learn on our own. To accomplish this, we have provided you with access to default setup for four verticals, online help throughout the product and a comprehensive Help Center including guides, articles and video tutorials.

Keeping our Staff Numbers Low

Our goal was to build a quality application out of the gate with the all the necessary features for an organization to run a simple incident reporting platform. Because of this we see little need for a huge staff moving forward. Rest assured we will have staff for the important stuff like bug fixes, product enhancements and customer support.

Subscriber benefits include:



A free 30-day trial. No credit card required! Don’t think iX is right for you – simply let your trial account expire. Change your mind later – simply log back in to your trial account within 6 months and activate a paid plan.


No IT infrastructure costs – the product is accessible from Microsoft Azure web services.


No upfront setup, consulting or training costs.


A low monthly subscription cost – terminate subscription at any time on the anniversary of the start date.


Save by subscribing to the yearly plan. Terminate subscription at any time on the anniversary of the start date.


Access to download your data to Excel upon the end of a subscription.

iX Founders

Denis O'Sullivan, CPP

Denis O'Sullivan, CPP

Managing Director

Also: Business Founder, Part-time Retiree & Full-time World Explorer

Denis has more than 50 years experience in law enforcement and security management at government and corporate levels. A long-time supporter and lifetime member of ASIS, he served on its Board of Directors and, on the ASIS Foundation and Professional Certification Boards.

As the founder of PPM 2000 back in 1988, Denis was a pioneer in the incident reporting software world, taking incident reporting from pen and paper to a more streamlined digital process. He takes pride in the fact that the PPM team eventually counted more than 20% of the Fortune 100 among their thousands of customers around the globe.

Fast forward to 2019 (he retired in 2014 after PPM was acquired by a Toronto based equity company) and once again Denis finds himself spearheading an incident reporting software company, but this time with much different goals. With iX, Denis is now ensuring that all small and medium sized organizations have access to a quality incident reporting software that is super easy to use as well as super easy on the budget.

Life pursuits: Spending time with the grandkids. Ocean crossings on tall ships. Wintering in California where he enjoys golfing and hiking in the San Jacinto and Santa Rose mountains. His annual family vacation in Ireland provide important opportunities to spend time with his extended family there – sadly not this year, the year of Covid 19.

Cora Bolianatz, BCom

Cora Bolianatz, BCom

Marketing Director

Also: Full-time Marketing Consultant and Budding Serial Entrepreneur

Cora has been happily immersed in the world of marketing for over 20 years. She spent a great deal of her career working with, and eventually leading, the Marketing team at PPM 2000, one of the first incident reporting software companies to hit the security market.

As the Director of Marketing for PPM 2000, she introduced Perspective to the world’s largest companies including Microsoft, Amazon, Citi Group and Johnson & Johnson, to name a few.

In 2016, Cora’s entrepreneurial spirit led her to form her own marketing consultancy, Sure Shot Marketing. Since then, she has built a solid reputation among her large portfolio of clients who value her marketing expertise in this digital age.

When Denis asked if she would help start a new company she was intrigued by the challenge – to create a virtual/low touch company that introduces a cloud-based incident reporting web application that would be comprehensive, yet easy to use and affordable to the security market. Knowing this was hard to come by in the current market, she saw the void that could be filled and the rest as they say, is history!

Life pursuits: Tracking down the best snorkeling spots, finding the next great business opportunity and spending as much quality time as possible with her husband, family, friends and of course, her cats!

Danny Oh

Danny Oh

Technology Director

Also: Senior Mobile Software Developer at a Major Financial Institution.

Danny has been working in the IT industry for over 20 years. He is passionate about software development and has successfully launched many products in industries such as healthcare, education, security and finance.

Danny’s first introduction to incident reporting software was back in 2012 when he joined the PPM 2000 development team. He was the lead in developing the mobile app for Perspective, PPM 2000’s comprehensive incident management software. After launching a successful modern app for PPM, Danny moved on to ATB as a Senior Mobile Software Developer.

Danny was excited to join the Incident Xpress team as the Technology Director. Although he has launched several products, Incident Xpress is the first product that Danny has had complete responsibility in developing from start to finish. It has been a labour of love and a challenge that he readily accepted. He is very proud of the product that he and the team have created and is eager to work with subscribers in security once again.

Life pursuits: Danny wants to do 3 things as long as possible: software development, snowboarding and spending time with his family.

Gerry McCracken, BA, MBA, CBV

Gerry McCracken, BA, MBA, CBV

Finance Director

Also: Practicing Chartered Business Valuator & Expert Board Member

Gerry’s introduction to incident reporting software was in the early 1990’s when he was the Investment Officer for a VC fund with a position in the then fledgling PPM enterprise. From the beginning, Gerry recognized the vision that Denis had for the company, the professionalism of the management team, and the impressive client list for such a startup enterprise.

Years later Gerry became a shareholder and Director of PPM, ultimately serving as Board Chair from 2011 to 2014, at which time PPM was successfully sold to a Private Equity group.

In 2019, when Denis suggested that he had a new vision for an incident reporting software application which would use state-of-the-art development tools and embrace a much deeper and broader market niche, Gerry signed on to be part of the iX team.

Gerry currently serves as the Finance Director at Incident Xpress. He is a Chartered Business Valuator with 30+ years’ experience in commercial banking, corporate and real estate finance, venture capital, insolvency administration, and business valuations. He has served on the Board of over a dozen private start-up and emerging technology companies, including Incident Xpress.

Life pursuits: Getting another hole-in-one, star-gazing, and spending summers (when no pandemic) at the family enclave in beautiful Highgate Springs, Vermont near Montreal.

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