More of a visual learner? Watch our demo and tutorial videos.


Want a quick look at Incident Xpress and what it can do for you? Start with the 8 minute overview.

In this short 8 minute overview video, see the different sections that make up Incident Xpress (iX) and how it can help your organization document incidents and learn from them to keep your staff and assets safe.

Explore the different sections that make up Incident Xpress:

  • User Dashboard
  • Administration
  • New Incident
  • Reports
  • Search
  • Analyze
More interested in the nitty gritty details? Watch this 25 minute comprehensive demo video.

Watch our comprehensive demo video to get a complete overview of Incident Xpress’ features and functionality, perfect for small to mid-size physical security teams. This 25 minute demonstration video goes through everything from the User Dashboard, to configuring iX, to entering incidents and then how to search and analyze your incident data.

Want to skip ahead to a certain section – use the handy timestamps below to access the section of interest.

Signing Up and Logging In – 0:30
User Dashboard – 1:33
Configuring Incident Xpress – 3:10
Entering a New Incident – 8:05
Searching Your iX Database – 20:00
Performing Analysis with iX – 21:36



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